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Brain Brilliance: Introduction

“I am brilliant, sharp, creative, and energetic 100% of the time,” said no one ever.

What percent of the time do you feel brilliant, sharp, creative, and energetic? Want to increase that percentage? Read on!

At Healthy Dining, we collect cutting-edge research and insights from renowned experts studying peak performance, optimal health, and longevity. This field of research is continually evolving, and new, exciting breakthroughs are emerging.

We are excited to share this BRAIN BRILLIANCE series with you. Since we are Healthy Dining, the creators of MyMenu,® we will narrow our focus primarily to food-based strategies that enhance brain health. Specifically, we will focus on food strategies that fuel and nourish your brain and body at the deepest levels and where it really counts: at the cellular level. So, this is not about slashing calories or carbs. Instead, it’s about creating a deep understanding of your unique body and brain – and how you can apply groundbreaking new research and insights from respected health and longevity experts, to eat for performance today and for optimal health for years to come.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, a longevity researcher and author of Younger You, Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better explains:

“There is an enormous jump in thinking … Twenty years ago, we thought that genetics held the key to reducing disease and promoting longevity … What we’ve found since then … there is no one smoking gun for each disease.”

“Reams of research in the past ten plus years have shown there are a multitude of tools that affect our DNA methylation. And when you change where and how DNA is methylated, you change the way you age, steering yourself away from disease.”

“DNA methylation (through high quality nutrients in food) can create changes to your genetic expression quickly – so quickly as to be almost instantaneous … methylation is happening in every cell of the body all the time.”

So, every bite counts in achieving optimal health and peak performance.

It is truly an exciting time to evaluate the quality of your meals and try new peak performance and longevity practices to find the best strategies to fuel your health and fitness goals!

In this BRAIN BRILLIANCE series, you’ll discover strategies for increasing your brainpower through food. We will also cover the groundbreaking new research showing great promise, for the first time ever, for the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.




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