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Shouldn’t it be easier to fuel their bodies with healthy food they like?

Introducing the Super Crew®!

A cast of fun characters – each with a unique "Super Power" fueled by colorful plant-based foods

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Meet the

Super Crew! 

The Super Crew will entertain your children while inspiring them to eat a wide variety of "super power" foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The Super Crew set the stage to ultimately nourish kids to grow and thrive. 

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In your Super Crew packet, you'll receive a combination of Super Crew:





The Super Crew packet excites kids about learning how to fuel a healthy mind and body while also building a foundation of nutrition knowledge! 

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The Super Crew loves to entertain and educate your children in a fun and inspiring way. These printable activities plant seeds of knowledge by teaching about the powers of tasty foods. Your children will love learning fun facts about wholesome foods – both newly discovered and old favorites. Watch out parents, your kiddos might be the ones doing the teaching after completing the Super Crew’s interactive handouts. 



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The Super Crew makes learning about healthy food fun! 


The Super Crew ADVENTURES take your children on imaginary trips to places ranging from the neighborhood grocery store, to the farmers market, and all the way to Costa Rica to learn about its biodiversity!

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Take the stress out of mealtime and transform healthy eating into a family affair! Your young chef will adore getting involved in the shopping, prepping, and the cooking process. 


These kid-friendly and plant-forward recipes aim to spark your child’s excitement to try new dishes that they helped make. After all, which youngster doesn’t love to show off their creations? 



About Melissa and

SuperKids Nutrition

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Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE, is a nationally recognized nutrition expert, passionate about making good nutrition easy, tasty, and fun! She is the founder of the first kid’s nutrition mega-site, SuperKids Nutrition and the creator of the Super Crew®. Melissa is dedicated to empowering parents and young children to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.


Check out her Super Crew books and virtual nutrition counseling through Melissa’s Healthy Living



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Feeding kids nourishing foods and cooking together from an early age is the best way to show the love you have for them now and to set a strong foundation for good health for a lifetime. I developed the Super Crew to make that much easier for parents.

- Melissa Halas

       MS, RDN, CDE & Mom, Founder

       and CEO, SuperKids Nutrition

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