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Vitamin D for Optimal Mood, Gut Health, and Immune Function

plate of salmon with carrots for a natural boost of vitamin d

So chances are, you are probably not getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a powerhouse, regulating and controlling gene expression, playing a crucial role in many body systems.

With its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory benefits, Vitamin D may reduce muscle pain while also playing a crucial role in bone health. Beyond these benefits, Vitamin D is necessary for optimal immune function, mood regulation and gut health. As we step into our 2nd pandemic year, D deficiency is not only closely linked with higher rates of influenza but also Covid-related complications and death.

Where Can We Get Vitamin D?

  • Ironically, as important as this nutrient is to our health, it’s barely available in our food supply. Fatty fish (find sustainable options here!), mushrooms (those exposed to UV light) and egg yolks are our richest, natural sources. Most of us get our fix through fortified milk and alternative milk products and still, less than 8% of the population actually get the recommended amount each day from food. Vegans and vegetarians may have an especially challenging time getting their needs met through diet.

  • Besides food, the only other natural means of meeting our D needs is through our skin’s exposure to UVB rays from the sun. In summer, we protect our skin from UV damage using sunscreen. In winter, especially at northern latitudes, we may not see or step into the sun for days - and unfortunately, UVB rays aren’t penetrating through windows! Under both circumstances we are probably making no Vitamin D at all.

Click HERE to read the full article and for a vitamin D-packed recipe.

Which vitamin D-rich foods will you add into your menu rotation this week?




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