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Love These Foods for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, and we couldn’t think of a better way to share the love for Valentine’s Day than with some of our favorite Food Friendzy pairs. Foods like these “couples” are why we love to treat ourselves well for Valentine’s Day and all year long!

These duos not only tempt us again and again with one-of-a-kind flavor in healthy recipes and restaurant menu choices, but they also bring their own personal brand of nutrition to our healthy diets:

· Apple and Peanut Butter – Almost as American as apple pie, this couple is like the healthy snack next door. With fiber and protein plus the magical mix of salty and sweet, they could just be your diet’s new best friend.

· Goat Cheese and Pecan – The perfect blend of creamy and crunchy, this pair brings calcium and satisfying healthy fats to your appetizers and salads. Pair them with dark leafy greens in a salad to balance out their richness.

· Tomato and Basil – This Italian restaurant favorite duo can be found in everything from a simple, fresh caprese salad to pizzas and pastas galore. Tomato and Basil bring deep, rich flavor to your table along with cancer-fighting lycopene and skin-boosting vitamin A.

· Pear and Panini – If you haven’t met these more recent friends yet, it’s time you invited them over for dinner. Pear still considers himself a “gift of the gods,” but we’ll forgive him for that for the sweet and healthy addition he makes to warm Panini.

· Berries and Chocolate – This is the IT couple. What would Valentine’s Day be without berries and chocolate? Berries of all kinds are loaded with antioxidants to boost health and nutrition. Dark Chocolate has been found to be a decadent way to add antioxidants to healthy diets as well as helping to boost moods all over the world. This pair is sweet, sweet nutrition!

Which pair is most intriguing to you?




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