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Dessert Recipes to Wow

Catherine Katz of Cuisinicity is no stranger to entertaining, and her experience shines through in her stories, tips, and recipes. Catherine’s recipes reflect a deep love of food, respect for the power of nutritious ingredients, and complete understanding of the pleasure that great food can serve up to loved ones around the table.

While Cuisinicity features a large variety of recipes, these healthier dessert recipes are sure to be the piece de resistance this Valentine's Day. Everything in moderation!

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake (Vegan) Chocolate lovers will be in heaven with this lava cake, and they’ll never guess all the good-for-you ingredients!

  2. Fresh Fig Custard Figs are often a special treat, and these individual custards take their signature flavor to new levels of deliciousness. Plus, these custards are made with just three ingredients.

  3. Fresh Fruit Clafoutis Adorn your holiday table or buffet with these colorful and tasty little custards made with an assortment of fresh fruit.

  4. Golden Apple Pie (Vegan) This dessert is traditional with a twist: the classic apple pie flavor you and your guests may be craving with the nutritional goodness of whole wheat flour.

  5. Almond Orange Chocolate Torte Family and friends will have a hard time resisting this one. Top it with fresh fruit for a dazzling dessert, guilt not included.

  6. Fresh Fruit Trifle A blend of moist cake, creamy yogurt and juicy fruits, this trifle can be made in one large trifle dish or in individual glasses for quick and easy serving.

  7. Rustic Apple Cranberry Galette A combination of seasonal flavors that is tasty, comforting and festive. This is another great option for a more traditional dessert.

  8. Crème au Chocolat (vegan) Simple and delicious, these individual Crème au Chocolat cups are another example of more than meets the eye!

  9. Marbled Chocolate Pumpkin Baked Custard This custard will definitely give your pumpkin pie a run for its money.

  10. Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust This pumpkin pie is anything but ordinary with a rich pecan crust. Try it. Trust us.

​Which of these dessert recipes will you try first? Take a cue from Catherine and experiment with old favorites to create healthier new versions with unexpected ingredients or swaps.

Our team of registered dietitians recommends following a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins with room for the occasional splurge and sweet treats like these.




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