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Reach your
health & fitness
goals faster 

For those serious about optimizing their health & performance 

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What you EAT makes all
the difference!

MyMenu brings together the most advanced

personalized eating and food tracking

technology ever developed ...


Leading you to your best health,

higher performance &

ultimate wellbeing.



"MyMenu is light years ahead ahead of any other health,
nutrition, or restaurant app."
- Anthony Russo
"I have used so many trackers over the years.
Nothing compares to MyMenu!"
- May Carr
"As a dietitian and former college athlete, I find MyMenu to be invaluable for anyone who wants to improve fitness performance and to reach specific health goals."
- Claire Haft, MS, RDN

Meet MyMenu®

It's everything you need to
EAT to be your BEST 

Powered by Dietitians

It's Five Integrated Elements.
All in One. 

Access on your phone, laptop, tablet & desktop

Set your preferences and receive restaurant recommendations and a personalized menu, from thousands of restaurants across the USA, based on your unique goals and eating styles, such as:

  • Levels of calories, carbs, protein, sodium, etc.


  • Eating styles like dairy-free, made without gluten, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and more

  • A focus on environmental sustainability practices 

#1 EAT
Powered By Healthy Dining
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Powered By Cronometer

This is the most advanced and accurate food tracking system. TRACK gives you extensive personal data insights fast and easy, including:

  • Macronutrients 

  • Micronutrients 

  • Amino acids 

EAT restaurant meals are added to TRACK with one click. TRACK syncs with most wearables. 

Take this revolutionary image-based nutrient assessment and receive a highly personalized report to enable you to CALIBRATE the quality of the foods you eat.


Powered By Diet ID

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Build on your success with trendy recipes, in-depth nutrition-focused health and performance articles, nutrient based grocery lists and more – all curated by dietitians, health experts, personal trainers, chefs and others. 

#4 GET



Powered by SuperKids Nutrition

The Super Crew characters have “super powers” because they eat colorful plant-based foods. Your kids will be entertained and inspired by the Super Crew’s adventures, activities and recipes.

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Watch MyMenu In Action

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