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Kelly Donahue, BS

Program Manager, Restaurant Nutrition Specialist

Kelly Donahue, a Healthy Dining restaurant nutrition specialist, is an integral part of Healthy Dining’s nutrition team, working with restaurants on their nutrition analysis projects.  Additionally, as program manager, Kelly is a liaison to local San Diego restaurants on development of a first-ever app that identifies diabetes-friendly menu items from popular local restaurants – initially in San Diego and later beyond.  Prior positions include Klean LA, a meal delivery company, where she conducted nutrient analysis, created recipes for different populations (e.g., vegetarian, pescatarian, celiac, etc.), and authored a health and fitness blog.  As assistant dietitian for Long Beach Unified School District, Kelly created recipes for students with special dietary needs, like food allergies.  When it comes to free time, Kelly is all about the outdoors – hiking, camping, and fishing.

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