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Whether you’re pressed for time or are hosting an elaborate dinner party, our trendy chef recipes have you covered. You’re going to love these exclusive, flavorful, and fun recipes below:​

Ask the Dietitian

Healthy Dining’s dietitians have received a variety of questions about how to make the best food and nutrition choices, and promise our responses provide safe and accurate nutrition information.

Healthy Eating Tips

Here are our team of dietitians' top tips for jump starting healthy choices at restaurants and beyond.

Dining Out

Follow these tips to order the optimal menu items at restaurants to meet your health and wellness goals. 

Watching Your Weight

Healthy Dining’s dietitians weigh in on how to get on track to meet your nutritional goals.

Fitness & Sports Nutrition

Eating to fuel your fitness is not just about replenishing your energy stores after a workout. Read below to find out just how much more there is to consider.

Immune Health & Disease Prevention

Ever wonder which foods can help boost your immune system or prevent chronic diseases? Treat your body to these healthful foods!

Healthy Kids

Explore nutrition tips and activities designed especially for kids!

Seasonal & Holiday Inspiration

Get ready to enjoy holidays in a fun and mindful way.


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