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A trusted advisor with the inside skinny to offer highly personalized recommendations based on your health, wellness and performance goals

So you can EAT to be your BEST!





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love MyMenu!

Curated by registered dietitians, MyMenu brings together the most advanced personalized eating technology EVER developed.


So you can EAT to meet your health, wellbeing and performance goals. 

Access on your phone, laptop, tablet, or pc.

Three state-of-the-art technologies


insights & inspiration 

It's everything you need to empower you to be your best!


Providing restaurant and menu item recommendations – with customized ordering guidance – based on your unique nutrient levels, food allergen needs, and/or vegan, vegetarian, keto and planet health preferences. 


A two minute photo-based nutrient assessment gives you an 'eating well score' and highly personalized nutrient recommendations based

on your goals for optimal health and performance.


The most advanced and accurate food and biometric tracking technology to uncover foods to fuel your goals. You'll get an in-depth look at not just macros – but micronutrients too.


Vegan, Vegetarian, or Keto?

Find menu items that align with your eating styles.

"Personalized for You" shows you how to customize your order and which ingredients to avoid with this symbol: 

We all share this one home, our Earth.

Planet Health

  • Eco-Conscious Actions - such as reducing transportation footprint, minimizing food waste, using recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable materials, and other initiatives

  • Responsible Sourcing - such as offering plant-based menu items, locally sourced and organic ingredients; meeting animal welfare standards, sustainable seafood, and other sourcing initiatives

Discover how restaurants are contributing to a healthier planet through:


Accelerate your healthy eating success with these two tools – at no extra cost. 

View Your Personalized Menu

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Bonus: EWQ (Eating Well Quotient)

A 2-minute fun and easy photo-based food assessment that gives you an eating score and actionable report of recommendations to help you to eat to be at your very best.

You can add on a digital daily coaching program that gives you enjoyable swaps, ideas and social contests to further your health journey. 
Powered by DietID

Bonus: Micro & Macro Food Tracker

This state-of-the-art tracker goes well-beyond the cumbersome tracking apps most people use now. Not only does it help you track macronutrients, like calories, carbs and protein, it also tracks micronutrient values for most grocery products.

That means you can learn more about the foods you eat now – and which foods you can add  – to contribute to health-optimizing micronutrients like amino acids, folate, B12, Vit D and many others. Powered by Cronometer

Now view your personalized menu
offering restaurants and menu items that meet your health and wellness goals. 
So you can eat to be at your very best!

Amplify your health journey.
Try it today risk free!


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