Nutrition Basics for Eating Out: Calories

The focus on nutrition and what it all means is definitely growing!  With growing research into how nutrition affects health, for better or worse, it’s good to understand some of the basics to help you make the best choices at restaurants and at beyond.  One big name in nutrition that you’ve heard of is:
Calories – These little sources of energy are absolutely essential.  As much as we try to “cut” them, we still need an adequate amount of calories from food in order to function.  Each of us requires our own unique number of calories each day. This minimum amount depends upon gender, age, height and weight, and physical activity level.  Calories are becoming more and more common on restaurant menus to help 
Make the best choices for your health at restaurants by carefully considering available nutrition information and ingredients for menu choices.  Want an app to help you stay accountable? MyMenu takes the guesswork out by allowing you to QUICKLY and EASILY find the information and healthy choices you need!
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